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The ETSU Northeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub will interconnect K-12 Schools, higher education institutions, businesses, foundations/non-profits, and community organizations to design, develop, and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and transferable STEM learning experiences. These STEM collaborations seek to engage students, develop a skilled work force, and increase STEM literacy throughout the region

Upcoming and Existing Projects and Programs


Projects and Programs


Innovation Academy of Northeast Tennessee

Innovation Academy  is a platform school of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network. This new school of excellence is a joint venture between Kingsport City Schools and Sullivan County Department of Education with support from the ETSU Northeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub.


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Playing Fast and Furious with Physics
6/17/2015 - Jacob Clark Blickenstaff—NSTA Reports
The sixth installment of this summer staple abuses the laws of physics with abandon. 

Scorpion Stung by Weak Science
4/23/2015 - Jacob Clark Blickenstaff—NSTA Reports
While not an exemplar of high-quality science content, the TV show Scorpion may offer teachers some scenes to start a conversation about nuclear safety, legacy systems, or heat transfer, but may better serve students by setting them to look for incorrect or exaggerated science. 

Particle Fever: In Search of the Higgs Boson
4/7/2015 - Jacob Clark Blickenstaff—NSTA Reports
Teachers can learn a bit of modern physics along with their students while simultaneously helping students understand that scientists are more than guys with crazy hair and lab coats. 

Here Be Boxtrolls: Cubes, Allergies, and Medicinal Leeches
2/26/2015 - Jacob Clark Blickenstaff—NSTA Reports
Science teachers with an interest in steampunk or 19th-century history could use this film to connect with their younger students, and to motivate the imaginative reuse of materials. The film includes some fairly realistic depictions of food allergy and an opportunity to talk about multiplication and cubic numbers as well. 

The Imitation Game: A Riddle Wrapped in the Mystery Called Enigma
1/20/2015 - Jacob Clark Blickenstaff—NSTA Reports
Teachers can use this film to make some nice science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) connections.

UETCTM Newsletter

The purpose of the Upper East Tennessee Council of Teachers of Mathematics (UETCTM) Newsletter is to keep its membership informed regarding the issues, trends, programs, and practices in mathematics education. Each issue contains articles from teachers and practitioners that inform teaching and learning of K-12 mathematics. 

 http://www.etsu.edu/cas/math/activities/uetctm.aspx  Newsletter .pdf

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